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Final Touches low-cost consultation that points you in the right direction from the start. This consultation is an in-home visit where we will tour the property with you with verbal recommendations of what needs to be addressed to maximise your sale potential. This is an excellent option for the savvy homeowner who simply needs an expert eye to identify problem areas and to maximise the property’s selling points.


The Consultation Report will advise you on the changes required to help expedite the sale of your property for its maximum value. At a time convenient to you, we will visit your home and tour the property with you, with recommendations of how to proceed. During the consultation we may take photos and make detailed notes on what is required to optimise your sale potential. We will discuss your requirements, timeframe and budget, identify problem areas that may hinder your sale and assess how much involvement you need from us. Once we have compiled our report you will be presented with the diagnosis with advice and recommendations, which you may choose to follow yourself without further involvement by Final Touches, or you may choose to commission Final Touches to complete the project at a level that suits your available time and budget.

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