Welcome to Final Touches Property Styling

Occupied Home Styling


Your personalised help for preparing your home for a quick and profitable sale.

The Goal

Creating a memorable first impression to capture and impress the buyer as they walk through the front door.

The Procedure

An initial assessment, arranging a time convenient for you to meet and assess your home to discuss with you what will be involved for your home styling


We start the packing process by carefully removing any excess items and furniture.  These will be securely stored awaiting relocation.

Sourcing and organising reliable and reasonable trade prices for any basic repairs or paintwork, if required.

Thorough cleaning of your home including bathrooms and windows.

The remaining furniture and accessories will then be re-arranged to showcase your home with emphasis on the Living Room and best features.

We can supply and add pieces to complement your home such as occasional furniture, paintings, floor rugs, lighting and accessories to impress.


Assessing Landscaping for weeding, mulching and additional plants.

Options for rental furniture available

Once set for showing, we will work closely with your Real Estate agent to ensure prior to Home Opens your look is complete with Final Touches.



The Use What You Have package is ideal for clients who often have good ideas and a sense of style, but lack the time or the level of experience needed to maximise their home’s potential. For those projects that also need restoration work, we will supply a list of reputable tradesmen if required. Clients who opt for Use What You Have often just need an expert eye to refresh and revamp the property.

The Use What You Have package depends upon the size and condition of your property, and the time required to complete the job. It typically includes consultation; organising of trades, De-cluttering and Restyling.


The Styled to Sell package tailors our services to suit your budget and is ideal for clients who are willing to be more hands-on in the preparation of their property. It may or may not include a furniture rental package, storage of your packed items, instant landscaping, repairs, renovations, restoration, or maintenance. This package may be anything from accessorising a feature room to furnishing a whole house to help give it that perfect show-home appeal.

The cost will be determined by how much involvement you need from us; the type, size and condition of your property; the hours involved to complete the job; the amount of furniture and accessories that need to be added; the amount that needs to be removed and stored; and the number of tradespeople that need to be contracted.


The Complete Home Presentation package suits clients who would rather that we project manage on their behalf to see the job through from start to finish.

Our Professional team will de-clutter, detailed clean and restyle your home. We negotiate the best prices on your behalf for any furniture rental, supply accessories, landscaping or trades work to be carried out. We appoint and instruct contractors, manage your timeframe, administrate paperwork, resolve any issues, visit your premises before Home Open to assure all is in order, working  closely with your agent and co-ordinate hand-over.

It is recommended that approximately 1% of the asking price of the property be spent on preparing it for sale in order to gain a significant return on your investment. Clients who have invested this amount have typically increased the value of their property between 10 to 15%, or more importantly, minimising time on the market and maximising selling price.