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Vacant Home Styling


Only 10% of homebuyers can visualise the potential of a home.  Vacant Property Staging can offer a potential buyer Vision.

Final Touches has that vision and can use it to help you sell your empty space faster and for a higher price.

Vacant Property Styling can have a dramatic impact on maximising the houses appeal to homebuyers.  We will bring in the right furniture and accessories for the main living areas to show how it would look occupied.

An empty space does not feel like a home, it can feel cold and uninviting.

Using Final touches can bring an empty shell of a structure to life.

Adding furniture and decorative touches warms a space and makes someone think this is a place he or she can call home.

Our services include the supply and fitting of furniture, accessories, paintings and a variety of items to make the space feel like a home.

If you have an empty property that you need to sell and want to make it more attractive to potential buyers, call us at Final Touches.